Sharla Gelfand

Me, me, me, 2019

I have, ahem, a motivation problem.

If you look at my blog you will see a burst of posts immediately after rstudio::conf each year (no I haven’t written this year’s post yet), followed by months of silence, maybe another post or two six months later, and repeat. I’m super prone to over-extending myself and then seriously burning out. Case in point:

Just look at my GitHub commits for the last six months versus the last week:

This habit means I intend to blog regularly, but when the time comes I can’t motivate myself to do it, think of anything to write about, or I am feeling burnt-out-overwhelmed-exhausted-and-uninspired (I think they call this one, uh, 😖).

They say that you should blog about and analyze data that’s interesting to you. Well, sorry, I don’t give a shit about baseball. You know what I do find interesting?

Myself 💁

So, my goal this year is to write one post per month, analyzing some sort of data about the self. Some of it will be self-recorded data (eyeshadow, anyone?), while other months I’ll rely on data from other sources (Twitter, budgeting apps, etc).

I just want keep something (anything!) going, learn a bit about some APIs, maybe learn a bit about myself, but also not worry about a subject that’s so ~complex that I’ll get frustrated and lazy. Not that I am not complex 💅.

I’m putting it out there for the tiniest bit of accountability; if this totally falls through, then I will be a little embarrassed because I said I would do it and couldn’t follow through. But also, because I am excited!

New year, same me, maybe just a little more active.